The software is written in Java and using Java Server Faces web technology to run on a Tomcat Servlet container backed up by a MySQL database accessed utilizing the Hibernate framework. It uses (Unix/Windows) shell scripts and is often used with Windows shares in Samba environments authenticated via LDAP.

The project structure is IDE independent. The tool for issue building, testing and packaging of the application is Maven.


Available dependencies are fetched from Maven Central. Further dependencies (not available in Maven Central) are located in Kitodo/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/lib. Two things that are not shipped are a Tomcat specific servlet API and an ElasticSearch server. First thing should come along with the Tomcat distribution you are building against. Second, you need to download by yourself from ElasticSearch 5.4.3 and start before Maven build. On the Windows system ElasticSearch starts after open elasticsearch.bat file from bin folder. Additional information about running of ElasticSearch can be found here.

Building manuals

Configuring your distribution

Basic configuration files are located under src/main/resources/ directory. To provide a custom (local) configuration, create a directory config-local and put there your specific configuration files just before you create a distribution via the mvn command. The build script will then replace every default configuration file with the configuration file it finds in your config-local directory.

Most probably, you will have to adjust these four files: * * contentServerConfig.xml * hibernate.cfg.xml *

Setting up a Kitodo instance can be quite tricky. For more help on how to configure Kitodo, please check the installation guides, the GitHub Wiki or ask questions on the mailing lists.